Alex Price

What I’m doing (now [?]) - May 2020


We just hired our first few people at Offset Earth which is awesome. Both the new hires seem like they'll fit in perfectly and I'm so proud of what we're doing.

Over the next week I'm adding regional reforestation projects as an add-on for our UK, US and AU customers allowing these folks to support tree planting in their country for a few extra bob a month.


Still in lock down. I've just moved in with my parents for a bit as they have loads more space, and more importantly, faster internet than the boat.

I’m still focusing a lot of energy on daily workouts and meditation. Working hard at self-compassion.


I seem to have stopped learning bass since last month and I've been using that time to build a side project (more coming soon).

I’m still playing Mana Sparks on Switch but have got pretty addicted to playing Mario Kart online. I've just ordered Smash Bros and Luigi's Mansion so I'm sure I'll be playing a lot of those when they arrive.

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